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Eighteenth-Century Citations of Butler

Citations are listed in chronological order.
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    Christianity as Old as the Creation. London: 1730, p. 278.
  • [anonymous].

    The Philosophy of Divine Revelation no Argument of Imposture. 1734. Mossner 1936 p. (81)
  • The Present State of the Republic of Letters.

    (July, September, and October 1736) Mossner 1936 p. (178) says the whole runs to 50 pg, cites June pp. 25, 26, October, p. 281
  • Bibliotheque Raisonnee des ouvrages des savants de l'Europe.

    (July 1736)
  • [anonymous].

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  • [Bott, Thomas].

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  • The History of the Works of the Learned.

    (April 1737) Mossner 1936 p.
  • Chubb,Thomas.

    The equity and reasonableness of the divine conduct, in pardoning sinners upon their repentance, exemplified; or, A discourse on the parable of the prodigal son. Occasioned by Dr. Butler's late book, entitled, The analogy of religion, natural and revealed, to the constitution and course of nature. London: T. Cox, 1737. CTW Catalog.
  • Hume, David.

    Letters to Home: December 2, 1737

    Your thoughts and mine agree with respect to Dr. Butler, and I would be glad to be introduced to him, I am at present castrating my work, that is, cutting off its nobler parts; that is, endeavouring it shall give as little offence as possible, before which, I could not pretend to put it into the Doctor's hands. This is a piece of cowardice, for which I blame myself, though I believe none of my friends will blame me- But I was resolved not to be an enthusiast in philosophy, while I was blaming other enthusiasms.

    The Enigma of Hume, p. 339. [Greig; Klibansky and Mossner 1936 p.]; March 4, 1738 [Greig]; February 13, 1739 [Greig; Klibansky and Mossner 1936 p.]; June 13, 1742 [Greig; Klibansky and Mossner 1936 p.].

  • Perronet, Vincent.

    A Second Vindication of Mr. Locke, Wherein his Sentiments relating to Personal Identity are cleared up from some Mistakes of the Rev. Dr. Butler in his Dissertation on that Subject. London: Fletcher Gylls, 1738, 132p
  • Cockburn, Catharine.

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  • Benson, George.

    The Reasonableness of the Christian Religion as Delivered in the Scriptures 1743. [Mossner 1936 p. 182-83], answer to Dodwell.
  • [anonymous].

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    Letter to Hutcheson, January 10, 1743. [Greig]
  • [anonymous].

    Summary Account of the Deist's Religion. London 1745.
  • Law, Edmund.

    Considerations on the State of the World (1745) [Mossner 1936 p. 183]
  • [anonymous].

    Defence of the Peculiar Institutions and Doctrines of Christianity. 1746 [Mossner 1936 p. 183]
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  • Worthington, William.

    Essay on the Scheme and Conduct 1748,183 film UR
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    The Analogy of Divine Wisdom... 1750, second edition, see adv. [Mossner 1936 p. 184]
  • Alberti, G.W.

    Briefe betreffend.... 1752-54.
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    May 1752. verses on Butler [Mossner 1936 p. 186]
  • Gentleman's Magazine.

    June 1752. obituary. [Mossner 1936 p. 186]
  • Blackburne, Francis.

    A Serious Enquiry Into the Use and Importance of religion. Occasioned by some passages in the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Durham's charge to the Clergy of that Diocese, at his Lordship's Primary Visitation, in the year MDCCLI. Humbly addressed to his Lordship. first printed 1752.
  • The Monthly Review.

    July 1752. Reply to Serious Enquiry
  • The Monthly Review.

    October 1752. on Durham charge. [Mossner 1936 p. 184]
  • Osborne, Tho.

    A Catalogue of the Libraries of the Right Reverend. Dr. Butler, Late Lord Bishop of Durham, ... and others too many to mention here. Lrne, 1753.
  • "Lines on Bishop Butler".

    London Magazine May 1754. Reprinted in Mossner 1936 p. 186
  • Sykes, Arthur Ashley.

    Scripture Doctrine of Man's Redemption. London, 1756. see Fitzgerald's Life, p. 46.
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  • Price, Richard.

    A Review of the Principal Questions of Morals. 1758
  • [anonymous].

    Remarks on Butler's Analogy. Glasgow, 1764. See edition,1764.
  • Worthington, William.

    The Evidence of Christianity Deduced from Fact and the Testimony of Sense Boyle lectures 1767-68. Thorough knowledge of Butler's works. Mossner 1936 p. (1936) 184.
  • [anonymous].

    [Caleb Fleming (1698-1779)--NUC:MH] Root of Protestant Errors Examined, or Mr. Mosheim's question discussed, viz., How far a just antipathy to the church puppet-shews of papists, has unjustly driven some protestant-churches into the opposite extreme. London: J. Johnson and B. Davenport, 1767, 34p.
  • [anonymous].

    Thoughts on Miracles. London: T.Becket and P.A.DeHondt, 1767.
  • Secker, Thomas.

    Autobiography folios 43, 73, 78.
  • Misopseudes.

    [Thomas Secker]. letters. St James Chronicle, May 9, 23 and Aug 4, 1767 Mossner 1936 p. gives 1763
  • St. James's Chronicle.

    May 12-14, May 29, July 21 "fresh attack,"
  • Price, Richard.

    Four Dissertations. second edition, 1768. adds note on Butler,440-53.
  • [anonymous].

    Remarks on Butler's Analogy. Canterbury: T. Smith, 1783, 122p
  • Price, Richard.

    "Observations on the Importance of the American Revolution," 1785.
  • Halifax.

    (1786) introduction to his edition of the Durham charge
  • Belchier,William.

    Essays on various Subjects, critical and moral: containing some remarks On Butler's Analogy; a Review of Locke's Philosophy; Grammatical Strictures; Letters on Wit and Humor: in which various Observations are made on the most celebrated Writers on the Subjects of Logic, Morals, and Metaphysics. London: Jameson, 1787, 2 volumes.
  • [anonymous].

    review of Belchier (1787). Monthly Review, October 1787, p330.
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  • William Hazlitt.

    meets S. T. Coleridge, January, 1798, and hears of Butler's sermons for the first time. anecdote
  • [Seward, William].

    Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons.
  • Belsham, William.

    "Analysis of Bishop Butler's Analogy" first published in the second edition of his Essays Philosophical and Moral, Historical and Literary. 1799. [Mossner 1936 p. 196].