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Editors and Essayists Discussing Butler

Title page, Bishop Joseph Butlers Analogy of Religion.
A list of editors of Butler's works and essayists whose work has been published in editions of Butler.
"Prefatory Memoir" in the Chambers edition of Analogy (1850).
Angus, Joseph.
"Life of Bishop Butler" in his edition of the Analogy of Religion. London: The Religious Tract Society, n.d.
Angus, Joseph.
"Analysis of Butler's Analogy of Religion and Three Sermons on Human Nature." London: Religious Tract Society, 1882.
Babolin, Albino.
In his Italian translation.
[Barnes, Albert]
"Review of Butler's Analogy." Quarterly Christian Spectator II (1830) 694-719, III (1831) 85-116. Reprinted "with slight alterations and additions" in his edition of the Analogy, Routledge (1859, etc.); Tegg; Newman.
Bayne, Ronald.
"Introduction," "Analysis" and "Notes" in Dent edition of Analogy (1906).
Bernard, J.H.
Introduction and notes to the Macmillan edition of Works (1900).
Bower, Henry.
Introduction to the South India Christian School Book Society edition of Principles of Moral Science (1857).
Brown, Stuart.
Introduction to the Library of Liberal Arts edition (Bobbs).
Carmichael, Robert.
Notes to the Longman edition of Fifteen Sermons (1856).
Cattermole, R.
"Introductory Essay" dated 1836 in Fifteen Sermons (Hatchard, 1836 and Rickerby, 1836, 1841), vii-xviii.
Champlin, J.T.
Introduction to the Jewett edition of Ethical Discourses (1859, etc.).
Croly, George.
"Memoir of the Author." Published in Hatchard (1834) and Rickerby (1836) editions of the Analogy.
Crooks, G.R.
Introduction to the Harper edition of Analogy (1852, etc.)
Cummings, Joseph.
In Methodist Book Concern editions, 1875, etc.
Darwall, Stephen.
"Introduction" to the Hackett edition of Five Sermons.
FitzGerald, William.
"Life of Butler," and notes in his edition of the Analogy (1849, 1860); Tegg (1857, 1860).
Gladstone, W. E.
Introduction and notes to his edition of Analogy (1895) Oxford University Press, Works (1896) Oxford University Press.
Halifax, Samuel.
"Preface" (1786, in the Cadell edition of the Charge), Rivington, Constable, Whyte, Bohn, Dove, Hamilton, Routledge, Scott & Webster, Tegg, Washbourne, Oxford University Press, Manning and Loring, West, Goodrich, Hilliard and Brown, Carter, Newman.
Kilpatrick, Thomas B.
Introduction and notes to the Clark edition of Sermons (1888).
McKee, Joseph.
Questions in Newman edition of Analogy (1847).
Malcom, Howard.
Introduction to the Lippincott edition of Analogy (1857, etc.).
Ward, Lock edition of Analogy (1880).
Matthews, W.R.
Introduction to the Bell edition, 1914 etc
Analogy (1884, etc.); Human Nature (1887) Cassell's.
Mossner, Ernest C.
"Introduction" to the Ungar edition of Analogy (1961).
Muir, J.,
Preface to the Robertson edition (1852) of Analogy; Edmonston and Douglas edition of Sermons (1867).
Passmore, Joseph.
"Biographical Essay." in Bishop Butler's Ethical Discourses. Philadelphia: Cowperthwait, Desilver & Butler, 1855.
Roberts, T.A.
Introduction and notes to the S.P.C.K. edition (1970) of Fifteen Sermons.
Rogers, Henry.
Biographical sketch in Methodist Book Concern editions, 1875, etc.
Scott, George.
"Introductory Essay" in the Affleck edition of Analogy (1834).
Steere, E.
"A Memoir of Bishop Butler" in The Sermons and Remains of the Right Reverend Father in God Joseph Butler, D.C.L., 1862, pp. ix-xxxv; Bell & Daldy, 1857 etc.; Pott and Amery (1870).
Tefft, B.F.
in Methodist Book Concern editions, 1847, etc.
Whewell, W.
Preface to the Deighton edition of Three Sermons (1848, etc.); DeSilver edition of Bishop Butler's Ethical Discourses.
White, David E.
Introduction to the University of Rochester edition of Works (2006).
Methuen edition of Analogy (1906)
Wilson, Daniel.
Introductory essay to the Collins edition of Analogy (1824, etc.); Carter edition of